The first I heard of Bee Gill was when a lady named Paula Humphrey posted a photo on The Secret Curry Club, of her healthy version of Tadka Dal.  (For your information this group seldom posts recipes in the group, you are told to buy the books).  Back to Paula, immediately she was bombarded with a slew of requests for the recipe.  She kindly referred us all to the Authentic Punjabee Cooking group.  Somehow we all seemed to have great difficulty in locating the group on Facebook.  I was one of the very desperate ones and in utter desperation sent Paula a friend request, telling her I hoped she didn’t mind, but I was that desperate to get onto the group.  
I was so impressed and grateful when I FINALLY received my invitation.  I absolutely love everything about the group.  Bee is truly wonderful in every way, she is very humorous and fun, as well, she plays really happy tunes that get your feet tapping while drooling and salivating over the fantastic dishes she teaches us to create.

In the past I have begged different friends, acquaintances and even spice shop owners for different Indian recipes, nobody seems very keen to divulge “family secrets” so it is a pleasure to be in touch finally with a great and authentic instructor, dedicated to sharing her skills.  
Her recipes are so easy to follow and she guides you through step by step.  She is also great at taking the time out of her very busy schedule to answer any questions people may have on her group, she will also post one’s requests for recipes as well.
In my book I have dubbed Bee “The Queen Bee”  of cooking.
Many thanks for your dedication Bee.  I wish you the very best life has to offer.

Sandra Kruger, Vancouver.

I love cooking, I always have. Nothing brings me more joy than sitting round a table with family and friends and at the end of a meal seeing smiling faces that come from eating a meal I have cooked from scratch.

I generally cook any type of food but have to say I am somewhat drawn to ‘Indian’ food thanks to the wonderful rich flavours and huge diversity in the dishes that can be prepared (my best food experience ever was the week I spent in Delhi – but that’s for another time).

Recently ‘thanks’ to lock-down I have perhaps cooked even more than normal and through the power of social media and joining several cooking groups have expanded my repertoire somewhat, learning some ‘tricks’ and methods to improve my skills somewhat – and even picked up how to build a Tandoor!

Most of the cooking groups have thousands of members and posts largely consist of members showing pictures of the latest dishes they have made from one of the more popular recipe books that currently prevail – although there’s nothing wrong with that and indeed I participate myself.

Your group though I feel is different.

Being a member of Authentic Punjabee Cooking feels more like being enrolled in a one-to-one cookery course, where the tutor O’Bee Bee Wan personally takes me through cooking the latest dish, explaining each step and pointing out the best way to get the desired result, and makes it seem easy! Thanks to your instruction I can make a Punjabee Tikka Masala that my Brother in Law (we share most food I cook) assures me is “to die for!”, I can easily make superb light fluffy chapattis, I can make crunchy paneer samosas that my wife would eat by the dozen if I made that many, I can make Tadka Dal so delicious I could eat it by the bucketful, I can make Punjabee Butter Chicken that literally blew everyone away – and it goes on! Every dish I have prepared with your guidance has been amazing – every single one, I can’t say more than that.

I’m not sure how long this course is, but I intend to keep subscribing.

Keep up the AMAZING work.


Ian Cavanagh TIFireE  MIFSM  DipFD  CertFDI

I love cooking and am fairly confident at experimenting with ingredients but at times lack inspiration. I like to cook from scratch where I can and as authentically true to a recipe as possible. I love to create new dishes to test on my family before I let loose on my friends. I discovered Bee Gill on our Facebook Community Page and was instantly interested particularly as I had time on my hands due to lock-down. I’ve never cooked Authentic Punjabi food before so this was intriguing although I’ve made curry from recipes. Bee herself is very welcoming and not intimidating in any way. She is happy to answer any question however silly. She explains quite simply how to make the dish and lists the ingredients so you can get them ready in advance. The videos are very informative and enjoyable to watch. As I cook a lot I found I had most of the ingredients already and haven’t needed to buy anything too peculiar. What was lovely was that my son was interested too and we made the  first two dishes samosas and a Spicy Chicken together. He found making the samosas particularly enjoyable. Both dishes went down very well. I then made Butter Chicken. I’m actually dairy free and I as able to adapt this recipe to suit my dietary needs without compromising on taste and texture. I plan to make the Tariwala Gosht next. The recipes are so tasty and what is lovely is that I know these are what are eaten as a family in Bee’s household. I not sure where else I’d be able to learn authentic cooking like this. It has been wonderful to confidently expand my repertoire of recipes.

Helen Payne

I am very new to your group but so inspired. Food is the heart of our family and we loved to order the occasional takeaway but the recipes you are sharing and showing have inspired us to give it a go ourselves.

We have a household come dine with me in the pipeline and would absolutely love to do create some of these amazing, but achievable, dishes.

The food future in our home has just entered a new chapter. Exciting and delicious food will be served.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion.

I cooked the Punjabee Tandoori Style Chicken this weekend. Empty plates!!!

Just a couple of the comments given to me

‘When you making it again Mum??’

‘Blooming beautiful!!’

‘Superb flavours’

‘Best tasting chicken ever!’

‘How did you do that Mum?’

‘Definitely have that again.’

I’m feeling fabulous because I made a delicious tasting dish and that is thanks to you 😊

Jennie Edwards Thompson

I have always wanted to cook authentic Indian dishes and when you set up the Facebook group I was instantly interested.

I have tried some of the dishes and look forward to trying many more.

The recipes are easy to follow and the ingredients easily obtainable.  I enjoy watching the demonstration videos which help enormously with doing the dishes the correct way.

Please keep going with more recipes and videos am so pleased with my results.


Wendy Adams

Hi Bee 

I just wanted to send you a message to let you know how amazing I think your group is. 

Your knowledge and patience is amazing! My husband grew up being around Indian families and eating their home cooked foods all the time. When ever we go to an Indian restaurant he always asks ‘why can’t we have what you eat at home?’ 

Well I can safely say you bring that to the table. Your instructions and videos are easy to follow and no question is ever too much trouble. If anyone suggests a dish you will always try to please.  You have made us enjoy family time together enjoying fantastic homemade food. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

Clare Walklett

I would just like to say, your videos and tutorials have been so inspirational!!  It’s so much easier to get it right when you have somebody showing you how and what to do.

I’ll be giving the chapatis another go again this evening and the Tadka Dal I made a few weeks back was sensational.

I appreciate all your hard work and look forward to your next post, keep them coming and I’ll send you pics of the chapatis later, fingers crossed!

Thank you
Paula x

Paula Humphreys

On May 11th I made the Butter chicken recipe that Bee had put up on the Authentic Punjabee Cooking group. I’ve been following this group with my mouth watering, so had to try this one myself. I don’t admit to being a good cook but I enjoy cooking for people and my son was coming for the night as the next day it was to be my Mums funeral and I wanted the evening as good as possible. Wine and nice food is a must in these circumstances! 

The group has inspired me to try something different and I love spicy food that isn’t too hot. It was easy to follow the cooking instructions and turned out just like Bee’s example which was a relief. My son and I thoroughly enjoyed it and he said how delicious it was! I was very pleased with the end result. I find the group helpful, easy to follow, informative and inspiring. I love eating food so the enjoyment of cooking is good to experience too. I’m so pleased to be part of the group and I thank Bee for her enthusiasm and ideas. The mango Lassi is on my list for the next hot sunny day and I really want to make my own chapati’s too.
Bee a very big thank you to you… ⭐️😁

Alison Morrison-Swatton

I have a real passion for anything food! Cooking it, eating it even talking about it. I got stuck in a bit of a rut cooking wise and found myself cooking the same dishes over and over, not challenging myself enough. Bee’s page was recommended to my by a Facebook friend, the very same day I was hooked. Her recipes are so easy to follow and you can find both challenging recipes as well as quick and easy. What I have loved the most about being part of the group is that she has been an excellent teacher, and explains things in detail and in a way I understand so that I can get the most out of her recipes. It can be a bit hard if mid way through your cooking process you get a bit stuck, Bee has always been on hand to answer any questions I have had and always comes up with an alternative to an ingredient I don’t have in. I have thoroughly enjoyed not only eating her recipes but also cooking them. They have healthy, wholesome and have many health benefits. Sometimes you will find an added little story that goes with the recipe; I always enjoy reading these as they give you a real feel of how much passion goes into the recipes. Once I start cooking I feel like I’m on Bees journey with her. Thank you for sharing these amazing family recipes with us.

Sydney Anderson

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