The first I heard of Bee Gill was when a lady named Paula Humphrey posted a photo on The Secret Curry Club, of her healthy version of Tadka Dal.  (For your information this group seldom posts recipes in the group, you are told to buy the books).  Back to Paula, immediately she was bombarded with a slew of requests for the recipe.  She kindly referred us all to the Authentic Punjabee Cooking group.  Somehow we all seemed to have great difficulty in locating the group on Facebook.  I was one of the very desperate ones and in utter desperation sent Paula a friend request, telling her I hoped she didn’t mind, but I was that desperate to get onto the group.  
I was so impressed and grateful when I FINALLY received my invitation.  I absolutely love everything about the group.  Bee is truly wonderful in every way, she is very humorous and fun, as well, she plays really happy tunes that get your feet tapping while drooling and salivating over the fantastic dishes she teaches us to create.

In the past I have begged different friends, acquaintances and even spice shop owners for different Indian recipes, nobody seems very keen to divulge “family secrets” so it is a pleasure to be in touch finally with a great and authentic instructor, dedicated to sharing her skills.  
Her recipes are so easy to follow and she guides you through step by step.  She is also great at taking the time out of her very busy schedule to answer any questions people may have on her group, she will also post one’s requests for recipes as well.
In my book I have dubbed Bee “The Queen Bee”  of cooking.
Many thanks for your dedication Bee.  I wish you the very best life has to offer.

Sandra Kruger, Vancouver