Dried Fenugreek Leaves – Methi or Kasuri Methi

The dried version is called Kasuri Methi. The word Kasuri refers to Kasur which is now in Pakistan and produces the most flavourful variety.

Methi is sun-dried and can be bought pre-packed or you can buy it fresh and chop and dry it at home yourself. This picture shows my own home-dried version of it. It is a green leafy vegetable and sold fresh when in season in bunches like coriander and mint, the leaves are like that of clover. It has a slightly bitter taste and can also be used as a fresh vegetable when cooked with chicken or potatoes – Methi Murgh or Methi Aloo

This picture is the shop bought version and you can see the difference in quality and colour. Drying your own Methi is a very simple procedure.

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